System of Care

The system of care framework is organized around eight (8) overlapping dimensions, each representing an area of need for the child and family. 


I. Mental Health Services 

Iowa Medicaid

Mental Health & Disability Services

Provider Resources for Iahealthlink

II.  Social Services/Child Welfare 

Child Welfare Information Gateway:  A service of the Children's Bureau, Administration for Children and Families, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

 Iowa Child Welfare Services

·         Guiding Principles for Iowa’s Child Welfare System

III. Educational Services 

Iowa Department of Education

Every Student Succeeds Act

U.S. Department of Education Foster Care Transition Toolkit

The resource kit released by the Education Department following a report by the GAO earlier in May 2016, Actions Needed to Improve Access to Federal Financial Assistance for Homeless and Foster Youth

IV.  Juvenile Justice Services 

Juvenile Justice procedures are covered in Iowa Code Chapter 232. Juvenile court has original jurisdiction over juvenile justice except for a few exceptions.

Office of Juvenile Justice & Delinquency Prevention

Juvenile Court Offices

Criminal & Juvenile Justice Planning

Juvenile Justice Advisory Council